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We want to share with you our dedication to work
Luca De Riz
/ Owner

The De Riz winery

Our history lies very far back in the past. We don't refer to the year of our foundation, but to our values handed down from generation to generation which are the guidelines of our work: work culture, respect for the land and always looking to the future and to those will come after us.

In so fast and aggressive a market we need to learn and follow the culture of waiting and respecting nature and vine rhythms. The result is a honest wine, the fruit of our passion for land and tradition. Our love for Prosecco is our daily guideline to running the vineyards and transforming the grapes and in all the choices we make to give you a promise: quality is our first priority and we work hard every day to achieve our goal.

From 1983 to 2004

In 1983 the first stone was placed when Carlo De Riz, my grandfather, bought the first lands to start the De Riz Winery. I spent all summer with him
in the vineyards to learn the trade secrets.

In the year 2004 unfortunately Grandfather Carlo died only a few months before I graduated at the Cerletti College as an Oenologist (wine-making expert).
The passage from school desks was very brief, I had to manage all the responsibilities of a developing company alone but my passion for my work and my determination let me to achieve great results.

From 2009 to the present

The year 2009 was a key year: the winery was completely renovated and modernized with new technologies to expand the production of wine in the bottle and the range offered.

In 2014 work renovation continued and the building which in the past was a granary and an equipment store, used also as the first winery, became the offices and wine shop with an elegant tasting room and a wonderful view over the surrounding vineyards. In the same year Ilaria, my wife, joined the company and on 30th November we welcomed our first daughter Gioia. That year we dedicated a special rosé sparkling wine to her which expresses to this day all the happiness and sweetness of such an important event in our life.
In 2016 the construction of our house in front of the winery began, a significant step for us, strongly desired, in order to offer Gioia a healthy environment close to nature, in one of the best areas of our region. While we pursue our vineyards with the upmost regard to the ecosystem, our daughter can grow running through the vineyards and loving since she was tiny the land we manage and which gives us such a quality product.

More important steps will come and our desire to grow is strong. We wish to continue with the tradition which has so much to teach us, working in the present for a better future.

the people


“I'm a husband, dad, owner, oenologist, winemaker, the vineyard's manager following every single activity that the winemaker 's work demands. I was only 20 years old when my grandfather died and I immediately began to manage the winery alone. During the last 15 years I have been surrounded by trustworthy co-workers who share my work and my love for this land . I try to express through my wines the dedication to my work and my love for this amazing land; for me it is a mission, I consider myself a wine artisan and I speak with nature respecting its rhythms and its characteristics to offer you a product of high quality, which is the result of both tradition and conscious innovation.”

“I'm Luca's wife and Gioia's mother and I have worked in the winery since 2014 dealing with the administration and accounting. When Luca asked me to join him in this new adventure, although I was a little worried about it I was also enthusiastic. I was always been interested in the world of wine because I think it tells us something about the history of the land and the people who work it . To follow my passion I obtained a diploma as sommelier from the Italian association "Fisar"(acronym for Italian Federation for Sommelier, Hotelier and Restaurant). I believe in a quality viticulture which respects nature's rhythm and the surrounding land. Today I can say that we are on the right road and it gives us great satisfaction."


"For many years I have had an interest in the world of and so one day I decided to join a sommelier course, I obtained the diploma and I began a career that could link two of my biggest passions: wine and foreign languages. In June 2018 I was employed by the De Riz winery as sales manager and responsible for welcoming visitors to the winery. I find in the owners, Luca and Ilaria, the desire to look forward to the future, to develop a common project and to pass on to everyone who comes in contact with us the love for an artisan work, for the land where we live and of course for the quality of our wines.
Doing work I love in a family environment of cooperation and in constant developing is a great and satisfying opportunity for me."

"Gioia and Matteo, the love of our life. We don't know if they will continue in our footspet but we are working hard to transmit to them our love for this work and life that must follow the cycles of nature. We do our best every day to raise them in a healthy environment, to allow them to enjoy the surrounding landscape and help them to love every aspect of it."

Luca & Ilaria

Gioia and Matteo
Gioia and Matteo
Alessandro, Francesco e Giorgio
Alessandro, Francesco e Giorgio

"We were employed by the De Riz company at different times but for the beginning we found the right cooperation to work together and to follow a common project. We are the actors behind the scenes, necessary to the running of the vineyards and at each step in each season, we help by coordinating all the processes in the winery during harvesting time and then in all the further wine making phases. We are proud to call ourselves farmers because a great wine is born above all from the land, from the loving care taken to cultivate the vineyards and from the passion for hard but rewarding work "

We invite you to follow us and come and visit us to taste our wines and experience the beauty of these places and the warmth of the people who live and work here.
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