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Discover what makes us unique with our winemaking process
Must cleaning
The winemaking process begins with a soft pressing of whole cluster which has been harvested by hand. We use the flotation system to clean the must, a fast method which avoids any uncontrolled fermentation. Then we proceed with the alcoholic fermentation at a controlled temperature.
Wine racking
This is done at regular intervals which aids the removing of coarse wine lees and the oxygenation of the must, in order to complete the whole transformation of sugar into alcohol.
Ageing of the wine and "Waiting culture"
We leave the wine ripening under its finest lees to enrich the body and obtain a higher quality product. Waiting for the correct time allows the wine to have the correct body to perform the next wine making process.
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of our vinification
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Before the sparkling winemaking process begins, we clarify the wine through the filtration process with a stone powder, Kieselguhr filter, which facilitate the removal of all the solid parts by the fermentation and ageing in the tank. The wine will be clear without any chemical substances.
Sparkling winemaking and bottling
The best wine bases are selected to produce our sparkling wines, we put them in the stainless steel pressure tanks and start the sparkling winemaking process for a minimum period of 45 days. Then the wine is filtered and bottled. The still wines however, are refined in the tank until they reach the perfect balance of all organoleptic characteristics for each wine and then they are filtered and bottled. A special selection of our red wine is refined in oak barrels (barrique and tonneau) to become softer to the palate and with the typical wood flavours, every batch will be different and we decide to bottle it only when it reaches the perfect body and refined point.
To be continued and discover our other values:
Location and characteristics of the vineyards
The 25 plots of our vineyards spread over 15 hectares, wisely run , with our own specific characteristics.
Land management and running of vineyards
We manage our vineyards following eco-sustainable standards.
Harvesting and transformation of grapes
We do the harvesting entirely by hand to maintain the whole cluster of grapes.
From vine to vine
A continuously cyclic system, from vine to vine, in which men live in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
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