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Discover what makes us unique such as the water management and marcs used as organic fertilizer
Re-use of grape marcs
Grape marcs, considered a waste product of the winemaking process, are left to ferment all winter and become organic fertilizer in spring.
Trimmed branches of vine
We crush the branches of the vine and we leave them on the soil of the vineyards to provide natural benefit to the vine.
4 actions
to respect the vine
4 actions
Water management
Irrigation is controlled and allowed only during periods of drought; we use a drip irrigation system drawing the water from our well, in order to hydrate the plant deeply and to limit the evaporation and the quantity of water used.
Continuously one system
A cyclic system in which men live in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment, in which what nature gives us we give back with respect and we feed with the same active ingredients as nature has.
To be continued and discover our other values:
Location and characteristics of the vineyards
The 25 plots of our vineyards spread over 15 hectares, wisely run , with our own specific characteristics.
Land management and running of vineyards
We manage our vineyards following eco-sustainable standards.
Harvesting and transformation of grapes
We do the harvesting entirely by hand to maintain the whole cluster of grapes.
Our winemaking process
We follow a careful and close winemaking process to guarantee an efficient fermentation and do to afford a high quality for our wines.
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