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Discover what makes us unique such as the location and the specific characteristic of the soil
25 plots
They cover 15 hectares in different areas with specific characteristics for each one.
Conegliano Valdobbiadene DOCG
Our plots belong to the historical area of production of Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene D.O.C.G., exactly situated in the San Pietro di Feletto and Susegana municipalities, two of the 15 communes that are part of the historical area.
Variety and texture of the soil
The soils, made up of glacial-marine deposits, are stony, limestone based, ranging from clay to ones rich in “caranto”, a paleosoil composed of loamy clay, extremely compact and impermeable. All these soils contribute to rendering our wine a pleasant minerality and more structured body.
5 values that distinguish us
Sun exposure
The winery and the oldest vineyard are situated on flat land which allows a 360 degrees sun exposure, increasing the grape maturation obtaining a good sugar and alcohol level. Almost all the other vineyards are located in the surrounding hills with variable slopes, which facilitate sun exposure and air flow, avoiding water logging and humidity, both dangerous for the outbreak of plant diseases.
Our "Borghi"
In the municipality of San Pietro di Feletto we identify the vineyards with the names of the “borghi”(hamlet) where they are located: Borgo Lozzo, Borgo Antiga, Borgo America, Borgo Doimo and Borgo Frare.
The location of our vineyards
To be continued and discover our other values:
Land management and running of vineyards
We manage our vineyards following eco-sustainable standards.
Harvesting and transformation of grapes
We do the harvesting entirely by hand to maintain the whole cluster of grapes.
Our winemaking process
We follow a careful and close winemaking process to guarantee an efficient fermentation and do to afford a high quality for our wines.
From vine to vine
A continuously cyclic system, from vine to vine, in which men live in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
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