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Discover what makes us unique is land management and running of vineyards
Environmental sustainability
We follow the procedures laid down in the wine environmental Protocol which conform to high eco-sustainable standards, in order to guarantee the greatest respect for our land and to obtain a higher quality and sustainable wine.
Respect for the vine's time:
we follow nature’s rhythm and we work at every phase according to the season’s demands.
which make it special
Under-vine ploughing
We choose mechanical under-vine ploughing to control the weeds because it improves the fertility and oxygenation in the soil, without any use of chemical products. All this with respect for the plant’s life, the micro-fauna which exist. It is essential for the fertility of the soil and for our health. Respect for the land, for the people who live here and the product we offer are all our priorities.
To be continued and discover our other values:
Location and characteristics of the vineyards
The 25 plots of our vineyards spread over 15 hectares, wisely run , with our own specific characteristics.
Harvesting and transformation of grapes
We do the harvesting entirely by hand to maintain the whole cluster of grapes.
Our winemaking process
We follow a careful and close winemaking process to guarantee an efficient fermentation and do to afford a high quality for our wines.
From vine to vine
A continuously cyclic system, from vine to vine, in which men live in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
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