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Discover what makes us unique such as harvesting by hand of a whole cluster and the transformation of the grapes
Harvesting by hand
While it is the only solution in a sloping vineyard, in flatter vineyards it is our choice to protect the integrity and quality of the grapes.
More frequent Pressing
We stomp the grapes in smaller quantities despite the capacity of our press machines, up to 4 times a day, in order to avoid any possible mashing process during harvesting or during the break before the grapes arrive at the winery. In this way we avoid any undesired fermentation or any contamination.
3 elements
for which we are unique
3 elements
Whole bunch of grapes
We work the whole bunch of fresh grapes to obtain a higher quality. By pressing it softly we get more flower grape must. By paying attention to the process of harvesting, pressing and must cleaning we are able to obtain a greater quantity and quality of flower must, which is considered the finest part of grape juice and which will be the basis of our excellent wines.
To be continued and discover our other values:
Location and characteristics of the vineyards
The 25 plots of our vineyards spread over 15 hectares, wisely run , with our own specific characteristics.
Land management and running of vineyards
We manage our vineyards following eco-sustainable standards.
Our winemaking process
We follow a careful and close winemaking process to guarantee an efficient fermentation and do to afford a high quality for our wines.
From vine to vine
A continuously cyclic system, from vine to vine, in which men live in perfect harmony with the surrounding environment.
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